What is Meti Komerc, and what we do,

Contemporary construction

Property developer specialists with expert construction services to the general public throughout North Macedonia

We dig with you

Machinery that are ready with their build availability to perform any job of any kind.

Innovative Approach

With our many years of expertise and knowledge for the industry, we create an innovative approach to any new projects.

The Team Work

Our high educated team for the fields, take any new project with care and experience to fulfill any needs to the highest satisfaction for clients.


A list of services we provide for any project that needs our expertise around the country.

Information about Meti Komerc

Dear friends and Dear customer,We take this opportunity to welcome you to our website, which is constantly updated and will provide you with information about our work. This website will facilitate communication between us so we are closer to you.
For many years we have been in charge of adequate solutions and will always update you on the go to meet your requirements.
By giving your wishes priority, we coordinate the process of building your facility.
With experience, correctness and professionalism, we respond to your individual desires and you will be convinced that you have made the right choice.
Special thanks are dedicated to all our friends and customers. We are proud to be able to do business with you all.

Years of experience

With over 25 years of experience in the business, we know what we are doing.

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Competent Staff

Our workers are well prepared and educated for the jobs that come ahead.

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Latest Technology

We have a large arsenal of machinery that can complete any task you might have.

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Quality Materials

We have a large list of quality materials we sell or use in projects

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We do the hard work, and give you a successful end result, so you can enjoy it.

Private Public Projects

Let Meti Komerc build your new house or something else or bigger from. We can also help you with a complete renovation of your object.

All private projects are welcome.

Industry Big Projects

Are you planning something special or industrial? Then Meti Komerc is the right company to complete that project .

Any industry projects are welcome

Construction Materials

We have any materiel you need for your project. And there is no order that is big enough for us to handle and deliver.

Any kind of order is welcome.


Contact us today and let us build your dreams or ideas for a unique structure.

The dream and idea is yours, the professional hard work i our. So sit down, relax, and contact us today.

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